Chasing Crusoe

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Executive Producer Rich Beckman
Senior Producer Mike Schmidt
Director of Infographics Alberto Cairo
Producer/Chile Coordinator Nacho Corbella
Director of Programming Gabriel Dance
Director of Video and Audio Jay Heinz
Director of Design Colin Hicks
Director of Photography Raymond McCrea Jones
Director of Audio and Audio Scripting Nick Vidinsky
Senior Designer Mike Schmidt
Assistant Chile Coordinator Andrea Ballocchi

Robinson Crusoe: Fact and Fiction
Animation Colin Hicks
Audio Nick Vidinsky
Crusoe and Selkirk: A Comparison
Infographics Sara Randolph
Defoe’s Island
Interface Colin Hicks
Infographics Danielle Jett
Infographics Gena Romano
Audio Nick Vidinsky
Infographics Andrea Ballocchi
Infographics Feilding Cage
Research Raymond McCrea Jones
Infographics Sara Randolph
Research Wil Weldon
Research Matías Infante
Research Gillian Bolsover
Game Design and Programming Gabriel Dance
Game Design and Research Jay Heinz
Game Design and Graphics Colin Hicks
Research Whitney Shefte
Sound Effects Nick Vidinsky
Island Life
Photography Andrea Ballocchi
Photography Gillian Bolsover
Photography Nacho Corbella
Photography Raymond McCrea Jones
Photography Whitney Shefte
Audio gathering and editing Nick Vidinsky
A Soccer Family
Audio gathering and scripting Arturo Bertoglio
Videography and video editing Wil Weldon
An Island Education
Audio gathering and video editing Jovana Batarce
Videography and video editing Jay Heinz
The Gathering Place
Audio gathering and scripting Arturo Bertoglio
Videography and video editing Wil Weldon
A Lifelong Harvest
Audio gathering and editing María Paz Correa
Audio editing Jay Heinz
Photography Raymond McCrea Jones
Changing Times
Audio gathering and editing Francisca Cantone
Audio editing Jay Heinz
Photography Whitney Shefte
Serving the People
Photography Gillian Bolsover
Audio editing Jay Heinz
Audio gathering and editing Matías Infante
Additional photography Whitney Shefte

Spanish/English Translations: Andrea Ballocchi, Jovana Batarce, Nacho Corbella, Matías Infante

Voice Talent: Andrea Ballocchi, Jovana Batarce, Francisca Cantone, Domingo Claro, Eugenio Claro, Nacho Corbella, María Paz Correa, Julia Fernández, Mauricio Flores, Matías Infante, Nick Vidinsky

Special Thanks: The People of Robinson Crusoe Island, Residencial Martinez-Green, Línea Aérea Lassa

Produced by students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Journalism and Mass Communication and the Universidad de Los Andes, Facultad de Comunicación

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